Richmond Road Bridge

Project Description

The Richmond Road Bridge Project replaced four (4) existing culverts with a new bridge over Foster Branch. Prior to replacement, these culverts frequently washed out during heavy rainfall events resulting in a traffic hazard to the public. The project consisted of removal of the existing culverts, construction of cast-in-place concrete abutments, center pier and wingwalls, installation of a two-span precast concrete bridge deck measuring 62 feet in overall length, and the construction of associated site grading and roadwork. The project also incorporated downstream bank stabilization to protect an existing residence. This project was designed to accommodate the 25-year frequency storm event while also minimizing localized flooding. Hawkins-Weir Engineers provided funding assistance, project design, construction observation, and construction management services for the project. Project funding consisted of 50% grant funds as administered by the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management’s Hazard Mitigation Program, and 50% local funds provided by Crawford County, Arkansas.