Sallisaw Water Supply Study

Project Description

This study involved an evaluation of the City of Sallisaw’s existing water supply, Brushy Creek Lake, as well as future water supply alternatives. The study determined the net firm yield of existing Brushy Creek Lake, estimated future water use demand, and evaluated several water supply alternatives to meet Sallisaw’s long-term water needs. These water supply alternatives included the Brushy Creek Watershed, Tenkiller Ferry Lake, Lower Illinois River, Robert S. Kerr Reservoir, Sallisaw Creek, Vian Creek Lake, NRCS Impoundments, other smaller watersheds, groundwater, and the purchase of water from neighboring water utilities. The study evaluated these water supply alternatives on the basis of available quantity, water quality, and cost. The study recommended the construction of a second impoundment on Brushy Creek that would create staged storage above existing Brushy Creek Lake and meet Sallisaw’s 50-year water needs through 2060. This water supply alternative also allows Sallisaw to fully utilize recently expanded infrastructure improvements at their raw water intake structure and pump station, raw water transmission line, and water treatment plant.