Sallisaw Raw Water Transmission Line

Project Description

To meets its 50-year water needs, a new raw water transmission line was constructed for the City of Sallisaw, Oklahoma. The project included the construction of approximately 6 miles of 24-inch ductile iron pipe between Brushy Creek Lake and the Sallisaw Water Treatment Plant. The project also incorporated three (3) ball valve assemblies, 14 combination air/vacuum valve assemblies, and 10 blow-off assemblies to facilitate future maintenance of the raw water transmission line. The new line parallels the City’s existing raw water transmission line, comprised of a 16-inch diameter concrete cylinder pipe. The City possesses the ability to operate their transmission lines in parallel or remove either from service without interrupting the delivery of raw water to the Sallisaw Water Treatment Plant. Hawkins-Weir Engineers provided study, project design, construction observation and construction management services for this project. The project’s loan was provided by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) as administered by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, and “Buy American” certifications were required.