Pointer Trail 0.25 MG Elevated Tank Recoating

Project Description

The coating systems on the Pointer Trail Elevated Tank, originally constructed in the early 1990s, had performed beyond their service life and were in need of rehabilitation. This project included the removal of the existing interior and exterior coating systems to bare metal and the coating of the tank with Tnemec HYDROFLON. This project also included a containment system to capture sandblasting media used during the surface preparation of the tank, and to prevent paint from migrating from the site to a nearby residential neighborhood. This recoating project improved the appearance of the tank and extended its service by providing renewed corrosion protection. In addition, the exterior coating system that was selected was specified to include a 15-year manufacturer warranty for added value to the Owner. A lightning protection system in the form of an electrical grounding ring was also installed to protect the Owner’s SCADA system. Hawkins-Weir Engineers provided project design and construction management services for the project, and coordinated critical phase construction observation activities from Mid-South Tank Consultants.