RiverSouth Water System Improvements

Project Description

In 2005, Hawkins-Weir completed a water system master plan for the RiverSouth Rural Water District. Population growth in the RiverSouth service area and an increase in agricultural water use had maximized the water system’s ability to deliver peak water system demands during the summer months. Existing pumps had outlived their service life and water lines were now undersized for the demands placed on them. In order to meet ever increasing water demands, RiverSouth needed to act quickly. Hawkins-Weir Engineers (HW) prepared engineering documents and funding applications to the Arkansas Water and Wastewater Advisory Committee (WWAC) for funding of the water system improvements needed to address RiverSouth’s immediate needs. Once the project was funded, HW began the design of a new pump station and approximately 37,250 feet of water line, ranging from 6 inches to 10 inches in size. These improvements eliminated two antiquated pump stations, eliminated a low pressure area, strengthened the distribution system’s piping network, and maximized the City of Ozark’s capacity to provide water to the RiverSouth RWD.