RiverSouth Water Storage Tank Cleaning & Recoating

Project Description

The maintenance of any asset is of critical importance to its service life. After an evaluation of RiverSouth’s Tank No. 2, it was determined that its coating system was failing and needed to be removed and the tank recoated. Tank No. 2 serves the highest pressure zone in the RiverSouth water system and the existing pumps did not have the capacity to meet peak daily water demands. Therefore, Tank No. 2 could not be taken out of service without pumping or providing additional water storage to the service area. Hawkins-Weir Engineers (HW) assisted RiverSouth with the design and replacement of two existing pumps with four variable speed pumps capable of meeting peak instantaneous demands. During the preparation of plans and specifications, paint samples revealed that the existing coating system was “lead containing.” This required that all federal, state, and local regulations be implemented and documented during construction. These regulations include: worker protection, environmental pollution control, installation of blast media containment curtains, hazardous waste testing, and proper waste disposal. The water storage tank evaluation also identified that the bird/bug screens needed to be replaced and the overflow pipe needed to be extended to the concrete slash pad. In addition to the preparation of plans and specifications, HW also provided project administration and project observation services.