Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Project Description

Many large industrial facilities are essentially cities within a city. As such, they have to provide many of the same services that a city provides such as water and wastewater treatment. This project replaced the existing effluent flow monitoring equipment for the steel manufacturer’s onsite 0.25 MGD domestic wastewater treatment facility. The design included a new concrete structure to house a new 6-inch parshall flume. To achieve the highest possible accuracy from the flow meter, a detailed hydraulic analysis was employed to ensure proper inlet and outlet conditions. A new ultrasonic flow meter was also specified as a part of this project. To make certain that the construction of these improvements did not interfere in any way with the facility’s manufacturing schedule, a temporary bypass arrangement was designed as a part of the project. One of the unique aspects of this project was the effort that was made throughout the design to utilize steel products manufactured by the client, thereby minimizing the overall project cost.