Hanson Tank Liner

Project Description

The Sequoyah County Rural Water District No. 3 needed an inexpensive way to repair leaks in a 48-year-old concrete water storage tank. First constructed with the original rural water distribution system in 1967, the 48,000-gallon tank had developed leaks at construction joints and pinholes in the concrete structure caused by corroding reinforcing and improperly patched form ties. Rural Water District No. 3 selected Hawkins-Weir for design and inspection services; and a flexible, waterproof PVC liner was selected to seal the interior and extend the operational life of the water storage tank. The 60-mil thick PVC liner was specifically fabricated to cover the walls, floor and center column of the 32-foot diameter, 8-foot deep tank. Prior to installation of the custom liner, interior surface preparation work included minor concrete surface patching and installation of a geotextile backing pad on the concrete walls to protect the new PVC liner from potential abrasion damage.