Deerwood Water Storage Tank Improvements

Project Description

The formation of disinfection by-products and limits established by the Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rules have Utilities looking at ways to completely mix tanks and reduce water age in their water system. The City of Greenwood Arkansas’ Deerwood Water Storage Standpipe is a 200,000-gallon tank located in outer extents of the City’s water distribution system. Maintaining minimum chlorine residuals and disinfection by-product levels have historically been difficult in this area. The water storage tank that fills the Deerwood Tank is higher in elevation and generally closes the solenoid control valve that prevents the Deerwood Tank from overflowing, causing water age to increase, chlorine residuals to fall, and disinfection by-product levels to rise. This project, in conjunction with a separate control valve project, separate the two (2) tanks and forces the water level in the Deerwood Tank to fluctuate and water to mix throughout the tank. The result of the two (2) projects is enhanced compliance with EPA’s Stage 2 Disinfection By-product Rules and improved overall water quality in the Deerwood Service Area.