Waldron Road Pressure Reducing Station

Project Description

The Waldron Road Pressure Reducing Station Project consists of the replacement of a below-grade pressure reducing station for the City of Fort Smith, Arkansas. This project was warranted to accommodate other improvements to the City’s transmission water lines from its Lee Creek Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and Mountainburg WTP. The purpose of the project is to reduce the operating pressure from these transmission water lines and develop a hydraulic pressure plane suitable for the City’s water distribution system. Another purpose of the project was to install these pressure reducing valves in an above-grade building to better facilitate future operation and maintenance of the valves. The location of the building along Waldron Road, near the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, precipitated some unique architecture by transforming the building to look like a barn complete with gambrel roof, hayloft doors, cupula, and rooster weathervane. The project also included the installation of new pressure reducing valves at the North N Pressure Reducing Station and demolition of the abandoned Waldron Road Pressure Reducing Station, and was constructed in conjunction with the North 54th Street 36-inch Transmission Line Project. Hawkins-Weir Engineer’s provided design phase services, bidding phase services, and construction observation and construction management during the construction phase.