Van Buren 28th Street Pump Station and Force Main

Project Description

Several issues confronted the 28th Street Pump Station and Force Main, originally constructed in the early 1970s to serve the Van Buren Industrial Park. These issues included capacity limitations and flooding problems. This project included the capacity expansion of the existing pump station and the construction of a new 18-inch force main to operate in parallel with the existing 14-inch force main. The project also included raising the finished floor elevation of the pump station to 1 foot above the 100-year flood plain, installation of submersible pumps, and the construction of a new check valve vault. All of this was accomplished while maintaining operation of the pump station through the use of a duplex bypass pumping system. The construction of the force main includes five (5) bored road crossings and one (1) aerial creek crossing. This project will enable future growth in the Van Buren Industrial Park through increased sewer capacity, and also eliminates the risk of pump station flooding during rain events. Hawkins-Weir Engineers provided design, construction observation, and construction management services for the project.