Prospect Reservoir

Project Description

The Prospect Reservoir was constructed in the early 1960s inside the footprint of an open-topped concrete-lined basin dating back to the original Van Buren water distribution system. In recent years, the Prospect Reservoir was in need of rehabilitation which culminated in several project phases – study, site civil and site piping, structural rehabilitation, and recoating of the tank interior and exterior. The purpose of the study was to identify all deficiencies associated with the ground storage reservoir and its surrounding site. The site civil and site piping phase improved access and storm drainage around the tank, and included the installation of some gabion retaining walls. These improvements extended the life of the tank by eliminating standing water and silt buildup around the base of the tank. The site piping improvements facilitated the removal of the ground storage tank from service to allow subsequent project phases. The structural rehabilitation included either modifications to or replacement of the roof framing, the complete replacement of the tank floor, and current Code upgrades. The last phase involved the removal of the interior and exterior coating systems to bare metal and the coating of the tank with Tnemec HYDROFLON. This recoating project improved the appearance of the tank and extended its service by providing renewed corrosion protection. In addition, the exterior coating system that was selected was specified to include a 15-year manufacturer warranty for added value to the Owner. Hawkins-Weir Engineers conducted the preliminary study and also provided design, construction observation, and construction management for all phases of the project.