Lee Creek Water Line Replacement

Project Description

This project consisted of the installation of 500 feet of 16-inch water line and appurtenances on the Rena Road Bridge over Lee Creek in Van Buren, Arkansas. The installation of the 16-inch water line involved a 400-foot aerial bridge crossing, and is supported by both existing and new bridge hangers. The project also included the installation of four (4) force balanced flexible expansion joints to allow the aerial piping to move with the bridge movement. All existing pipe and hanger connections were investigated, and any damaged or loose hardware that was identified was replaced. The successful completion of the project replaced an antiquated 12-inch water line that crossed the abandoned Lee Creek Bridge, and provides a dual feed to those residents, an industry, and a wholesale water customer that are located west of Lee Creek. Hawkins-Weir provided design and construction management services for the project.