Wastewater Rate Study & Computer Modeling

Project Description

The Jacksonville Wastewater Utility (JWWU) retained the services of Hawkins-Weir Engineers, Inc. to evaluate their rate structure to determine if it was adequate to provide for their needs. Hawkins-Weir worked with both the Wastewater and Water Utilities to gather the information needed to trend the Utility’s historical needs and revenues over a 10 year period. Using this data, as well as other sources of information, we developed a computer model that projected the Utility’s revenue and needs over a 20 year period. That model was transferred to JWWU at the end of the project to provide them the added value of a tool that could be used to set their annual budgets and evaluate any future rate adjustments. Hawkins-Weir also prepared a rate study report that included recommendations for the needed rate adjustments. We worked hand-in-hand with the Utility in presenting the results of the study to the Commission, Mayor, City Council, and the Utility’s rate payers.