Highway 64 Booster Pump Station Rehabilitation

Project Description

An annual regulatory inspection revealed that the City of Altus’ Highway 64 Booster Pump Station was unable to provide full redundant pumping capabilities due to mechanical failures on two of the three existing booster pumps. The two failed pumps identified in the inspection were part of the original pump station construction and these pumps originally provided the required pumping capabilities for the City of Altus. A third pump with a pumping rate equivalent to the duplex pumping rate of the two original pumps was added later to meet the growth demands within the City’s water service area. After many years of service, the original pumps experienced mechanical failures and were unable to be maintained leaving the City of Altus without full redundant pumping capabilities. The City of Altus obtained the services of Hawkins-Weir to perform an evaluation of the existing Highway 64 Booster Pump Station to determine the most economical solution to bring the station back into compliance. Several alternatives were evaluated including the construction of a new booster pump station and replacement of the two existing pumps with new equipment. The final recommendation included replacing the two original pumps with a single short set, water lubricated, open line shaft, vertical turbine style pump capable of producing 562 gallons per minute at 538 feet of total dynamic head. The construction cost for the recommended alternative was approximately $120,000. The rehabilitation project brought the Highway 64 Pumping Station back into regulatory compliance and provided the City with a secure and reliable pumping system.