CCRWDD Route 9 Utility Relocation

Project Description

Construction of approximately 1,400 LF of 16" Ductile Iron water main, 6,170 LF of 12" PVC water main, 908 LF of 12" HDPE water main by horizontal directional drilling, 1,035 LF of 8" PVC water main, 220 LF of 6" PVC water main, 120 LF of 4" PVC water main, 135 LF of 3" PVC water main, 905 LF of water main highway bores, clearing and grubbing, connections to existing water lines, tracer wire test stations, fire hydrants, water service lines, service bores, meters, setters, meter boxes and all appurtenances to complete the project as shown on the plans and indicated in the specifications.