Sunnymede Walking Trails

Project Description

In 2010, the City of Fort Smith completed construction of a new Sunnymede Wastewater Pump Station. The wastewater pump station project included a high rate clarification system and a 20 million-gallon earthen equalization basin for temporary storage of diluted sewage during heavy rain events. In order to make the property acquired for the treatment system and equalization basin more aesthetically pleasing to neighboring residential and commercial developments, the City of Fort Smith selected Hawkins-Weir to design walking trails with landscaping and public access features.

The Sunnymede Walking Trails Project included approximately 1.7 miles of asphalt, concrete and gravel pedestrian walking trails around the Sunnymede Pump Station and Flow Equalization Basin. The project also included a parking lot and public access from Grand Avenue and an 8-foot wide by 40-foot long steel pedestrian bridge across Sunnymede Creek. Landscaping of the site included the planting of trees, native grasses, and wildflowers, and the installation of park benches along the trail routes. The Sunnymede Walking Trail is a part of the Fort Smith Trails System.