Mill Creek Force Main Evaluation

Project Description

Hawkins-Weir was contracted by the City of Fort Smith Utility Department to conduct a location, inspection, and evaluation survey of the existing Mill Creek Force Main. The existing 30-inch diameter force main, which is approximately 16,000 linear feet, conveys raw sewage from the Mill Creek Pump Station to the P Street Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The scope of services for the project included three (3) major tasks: Task 1: the location survey consisted of a GPS Survey of the entire route with top of pipe elevation shots at specific locations excavated by the City; Task 2: the pipe condition evaluation involved collecting actual pipe coupons from the force main to determine the amount of internal and external corrosion of the pipe and its remaining service life; and Task 3: the property and easement research survey involved researching the property ownership and easements along the full 3-mile force main route. The final deliverables were full-size plan and profile sheets of the force main along with a technical memorandum of the findings and improvement recommendations. This project’s Final Report served as the model report for Force Main Evaluations for the City of Fort Smith’s Consent Decree as excerpted by the Environmental Protection Agency.