Fort Smith Regional Airport Survey & Mapping

Project Description

To comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements, the Fort Smith Regional Airport needed an updated boundary survey and detailed ownership documentation of all airport properties. Working in association with Delta Airport Consultants, Hawkins-Weir performed a comprehensive property research and mapping survey at the airport. Parcel information was compiled on 35 property tracts including date of acquisition, the acquisition-funding source and Federal Project Number, parcel usage by lessee or other tenant, and any encumbrances or chain of title restrictions placed on the parcel by the funding agency. Copies were also compiled of all easements at the airport for avigation, railroad, and public and franchised utilities. The perimeter boundary of the airport property was marked with permanent survey monuments, and separate drawings were prepared showing the overall and individual parcel boundaries and easements on the airport properties. After completion of the boundary survey and mapping project, Hawkins-Weir also assisted in correlating the Sebastian County Tax Assessor’s records with the airport parcels to document tax exemption status.